Now That’s Class opened in March of 2007. The main goal was to open a place that was nothing like all the other cookie cutter music venues that exist throughout Cleveland and the rest of the country.  Do shows and do ‘em right. This isn’t an assembly line or factory for bands or shows. This place is run by people that are in bands and for bands and people that love music.  We are fanatics about music and obsessed with everything that is involved with music. We also do our best to have excellent sound considering the budget we have to work with. In other words we actually give a shit. Many people have tried to pigeonhole NTC as a punk club. We are not that simple and generic. We do specialize in underground music of all kinds and some styles that aren’t always welcome in other places in town. However, we love all kinds of music and are open to all kinds of bands, DJ’s and styles. 

Our secondary goal is to actually have fun. I know it’s a strange concept for a majority of the boring ass bars and sterile clubs that consume the world. We make the rules and change them and break them when we get bored. Stupidity is our specialty. It is OK to be a child. Let loose. Be comfortable. NTC is a place where everyone is welcome. People from all walks of life, etc. We truly mean that as long as you are not being an asshole to our employees and or patrons, you are welcome. JOIN THE CULT! BE ONE OF US! Give up your worldly possessions. Your life will never be the same!

Now That’s Class has 2 rooms inside. There is one indoor bar and a small outdoor bar open on special occasions in the summer. We have a front patio and a back patio with plenty of space for you to enjoy a drink on. There is a main showspace with a full sound system and a decent sized stage.  There is also a small stage and PA on the bar side